Things to do (or not to forget!) when preparing for a holiday.

Getting ready to go and you’ve got to do your last minute checks? Not much fun is it? Don’t get flustered! Let us help! Print a copy of our checklist (add any information specific to your circumstances), then use it as a last minute check to make sure you didn’t forget to do/pack something before heading off for the airport. Simple!


Your Home – general arrangements:

Check house/contents insurance is up to date and valid.

Make provisions for pet care.

Cancel newspapers and milk delivery.

Notify police and neighbours if house will be alarmed while you’re away.

Tell anyone who needs to know you’re going to be away – relatives etc.

Leave a contact number where you can be reached in emergency.

Give house keys to someone you trust and who can pop round daily.

Ensure this trustee can deactivate/activate your alarm.

Ask them to remove mail from your letterbox/feed fish/water plants.

Your home – departure day:

Phone the airport to check your flight is running to time.

Lock all windows and doors.

Partially draw your curtains.

Turn gas supply off.

Unplug electrical appliances – but not the freezer!

Activate security lighting.

Switch on burglar alarm.

Packing – don’t forget to pack:



Holiday insurance details (or E111 at least).

Flight tickets.

Hotel reservations.

Hire car voucher (if applicable).

Info pack if supplied by your travel agent.

Cash/credit cards/travellers cheques.

Driving licences.

Photocopies of important documents.


Spectacles/contact lens accessories.

Toiletries (including continental plug adaptor for any electrical items e.g. hairdryer).

Sunglasses/hats/sun creams (very important).

Beach towels.


Shorts/T-shirts/summer dresses/sandals for daytime.

Trousers/skirts/blouses/shirts/shoes/trainers for nightime.

A jumper for cooler evenings or for in the mountains.