Forget about Greece and go and visit Spain

Every year millions of holidaymakers head towards the Mediterranean in search of sun sex and a good time. We have here is a collection of reasons to why you should go and visit Spain perhaps the Canary Islands instead of heading to Portugal or to Greece.

For travel purposes this means that Greece is not a practical location to go in visit even though the country has some immensely beautiful monuments and ancient architecture.

Because Greece is next to Turkey it is one of the main entry points for millions of refugees who are fleeing Syrian conflict this means that many desperate people are stuck care in the hope of getting to North Europe. This means that there is an increase in crime and this is not a safe tourist destination to travel. Greece is a hot country, especially in summer. If you are walking around you might get thirsty. Make sure you are fully equipped with the right hydration equipment, you can get it from this site.

Spain on the other hand does not have any of these serious problems and the local people are very happy on average despite having an economic crisis in this country also.

Considering that you can get great weather in Spain and in particular the Canary Islands this is the much safer option of having an amazing winter getaway if you are from North Europe or the United Kingdom.