There are many points to consider when traveling to the UK

Not everyone gets a chance to visit ‘Great Britain’ as it is affectionately known. Even many people from near by countries such as France, Germany or Ireland have not visited England for a holiday. This is a shame and there are many interesting parts to the country and many variations in the local culture.


About more about British culture. Actually, this has been one of the most exported cultures around the world, with the English language being a legacy of that. Sport such as cricket which is popular in India and Pakistan was brought over by the British in the colonial era.

Study – Every year hundred of thousand of international students come the UK to take part in further education. Many of these students pay 10’s of thousands in expensive tuition fees which pumps millions into the local economy. A large percentage of foreign students come from India and also Malaysia and China.

Visas – Getting a Visa to enter the United Kingdom is not always easy and the rules are often changing. Please make sure you have gone to the Home Office’s website and informed yourself about all the rules and regulations. If you need help sorting out a short term or long term visa then contact the legal team at ISH.


Where. Where is best to go visit in the UK? That would depend on who you ask. Although the majority of people go to London which is the economic hub of the country and where all the best paying jobs are.

Culture – Britain is probably the most multicultural country in Europe with people from every part of the world who have chosen to live here. Weather – Let’s be completely honest, Britain has awful weather. Although when there is sunny day it makes it all that more special.

Language – Not many people know this outside the UK. The welsh have their own language and they are quite proud of it!