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Tenerife Hotels – Simply the Best Deals

Tenerife is a lovely year round holiday destination and offers something for all age groups. The first area to be developed on the island was the resort of Puerto De La Cruz, this resort became popular with package tour holiday makers from the 50′s and gained a reputation for high end hotels. The resort today still features many first quality hotels along with a good selection of good value hotels and apartment complexes. Then in the mid 70′s the resort of Playa De Las Americas was born, this area quickly developed into what is now the number one destination on the island. This was due mainly to the amount of sunny days that this part of the island offers year round. Along this coast a number of resorts have sprung up with Los Cristianos, Playa Americas, Costa Adeja and the up market area of Playa Del Duque. A great choice of holiday accommodation as well airport transfer ( has been built in this area with many first quality 4 and 5 star hotels available, many of these properties also feature the all inclusive option. Tenerife is a perfect holiday island being just 4 hours flying time from most northern European cities, it has a great climate, a wealth of quality holiday accommodation and lots to keep you entertained during your stay on this lovely island.

Forget about Greece and go and visit Spain

Every year millions of holidaymakers head towards the Mediterranean in search of sun sex and a good time. We have here is a collection of reasons to why you should go and visit Spain perhaps the Canary Islands instead of heading to Portugal or to Greece.

For travel purposes this means that Greece is not a practical location to go in visit even though the country has some immensely beautiful monuments and ancient architecture.

Because Greece is next to Turkey it is one of the main entry points for millions of refugees who are fleeing Syrian conflict this means that many desperate people are stuck care in the hope of getting to North Europe. This means that there is an increase in crime and this is not a safe tourist destination to travel. Greece is a hot country, especially in summer. If you are walking around you might get thirsty. Make sure you are fully equipped with the right hydration equipment, you can get it from this site.

Spain on the other hand does not have any of these serious problems and the local people are very happy on average despite having an economic crisis in this country also.

Considering that you can get great weather in Spain and in particular the Canary Islands this is the much safer option of having an amazing winter getaway if you are from North Europe or the United Kingdom.





Things to do (or not to forget!) when preparing for a holiday.

Getting ready to go and you’ve got to do your last minute checks? Not much fun is it? Don’t get flustered! Let us help! Print a copy of our checklist (add any information specific to your circumstances), then use it as a last minute check to make sure you didn’t forget to do/pack something before heading off for the airport. Simple!


Your Home – general arrangements:

Check house/contents insurance is up to date and valid.

Make provisions for pet care.

Cancel newspapers and milk delivery.

Notify police and neighbours if house will be alarmed while you’re away.

Tell anyone who needs to know you’re going to be away – relatives etc.

Leave a contact number where you can be reached in emergency.

Give house keys to someone you trust and who can pop round daily.

Ensure this trustee can deactivate/activate your alarm.

Ask them to remove mail from your letterbox/feed fish/water plants.

Your home – departure day:

Phone the airport to check your flight is running to time.

Lock all windows and doors.

Partially draw your curtains.

Turn gas supply off.

Unplug electrical appliances – but not the freezer!

Activate security lighting.

Switch on burglar alarm.

Packing – don’t forget to pack:



Holiday insurance details (or E111 at least).

Flight tickets.

Hotel reservations.

Hire car voucher (if applicable).

Info pack if supplied by your travel agent.

Cash/credit cards/travellers cheques.

Driving licences.

Photocopies of important documents.


Spectacles/contact lens accessories.

Toiletries (including continental plug adaptor for any electrical items e.g. hairdryer).

Sunglasses/hats/sun creams (very important).

Beach towels.


Shorts/T-shirts/summer dresses/sandals for daytime.

Trousers/skirts/blouses/shirts/shoes/trainers for nightime.

A jumper for cooler evenings or for in the mountains.


Top Tips to Travel Australia in a Budget

Still haven’t figured out where to go backpacking this summer? There are numerous fantastic destinations out there which are worth visiting and every one of them seems to have an incredible website which adds to your confusion.


Well, we have a question for you. Why limit yourself to one country when you have one whole continent begging to be explored? No clue what we are talking about? Let us make it simpler for you! Australia- the land of the Kangaroos! You may have already seen pictures of the Ayers Rock and the Sydney Opera. But is that all what Australia has to offer? If you think yes, you haven’t been more mistaken in your life!

When we suggest Australia, most people’s reaction would go somewhat like this; ‘Give me one reason why I should pick Australia instead of say, The UK or Italy or even France for that matter?

And our time-tested response has been ‘We will give you 5!”


So here goes the list of the most popular tourist spots in Australia;

  1. Cable Beach, Broome: If a stunning beach filled with white sand, camel rides and dazzling blue water is your idea of a perfect holiday, think no further than this stunning location in Broome. Repeatedly voted one of the best destinations in Australia, you do not want to miss this one!
  2. Purnululu National Park: This national park which is home to the Bungle Bungle range is a must-see for nature lovers. Situated in a remote location, it offers perfect camping ambience as well.
  3. Whitsunday Islands: Bang in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef, these islands are meant for the adventurous lot with tons of snorkeling and scuba diving to be done!
  4. Great Barrier Reef: Home to the world’s largest barrier reef system, it offers the perfect getaway from the bustling city life and to lose yourself in the serenity of nature!
  5. Sydney Opera House: This one needs no introduction. One of the most celebrated architectural masterpieces in modern history, Australia is often identified with this landmark building.

Now, the next question is how to visit all these places without burning a hole in your pocket? Well, about time you asked that!

Affordable Australia Tour Packages

There are quite a lot of agencies and tour planners out there who offer incredibly cost effective packages to Australia. And if you are smart enough, you will plan your holidays well in advance. This has two advantages- fantastic deals and a sure-shot way to avoid the late rush! Most holiday planning agencies put up their tour schedules well in advance. There are numerous websites out there that lets you compare various deals and help you choose the best one.

Read the official tourism site of Australia for ideas. Another unique advantage of subscribing for these tour packages is that you will get a free guide which saves you the trouble of finding the right places to visit and how to reach there. Most packages offer attractive stay options as well making them too hard to resist!


Fall in love with the largest and the most diverse of the seven Canary Islands.

Tenerife is one of the most popular destinations to visit if the whole of Europe. It is blessed by being in close proximity to the north of Africa and the Equator and enjoys many hours of sunshine every day. Yet this tiny island is still part of the EU and can be travel to very easily and quickly from major airlines in the north of Europe. There is no shortage of things to do in Tenerife!. This is something you will realize once you spend some time here.

Tenerife is a paradise for marine life, many hundreds of different species can be found here including door things, Wales, jellyfish, sea cucumbers, and a whole range of travel tropical fish which make it one of the best locations for scuba-diving and boast tours. The island is also extremely safe with low rates of crime, a friendly local population as a complete lack of any security threats such as terrorism which other destinations such as Egypt and Morocco suffer from to this day.You are never more than 2 hour away from the office or British consulate in the capital of Santa Cruz. Here you can go to find out any information you are missing on obtaining paperwork from Spain or you want to marry someone from outside the EU


There are two main airports on the islands. The largest and the biggest is in the south which is connected to the major playing roots. The smaller of the two airports is at the north of the island into capital Santa Cruz. This airport became less popular because of the notorious plane crash in which over 200 people died in the 1990s. Local people if you have a private tour your tour guide will be sure to explain about these interesting stories.

Paragliding is also one of the most popular activities here and the world record for the longest ever paragliding flight of over 45 minutes is held here on the island of Tenerife. This sport is helped by the amazing weather and the strong warm winds which are perfect for flying in the air. You will need to have special training before you can partake in this activity.

TeneirifeHost YT Channel – Has videos on what to do on the island.


The UK – go for the food, stay for the weather

There are many points to consider when traveling to the UK

Not everyone gets a chance to visit ‘Great Britain’ as it is affectionately known. Even many people from near by countries such as France, Germany or Ireland have not visited England for a holiday. This is a shame and there are many interesting parts to the country and many variations in the local culture.


About more about British culture. Actually, this has been one of the most exported cultures around the world, with the English language being a legacy of that. Sport such as cricket which is popular in India and Pakistan was brought over by the British in the colonial era.

Study – Every year hundred of thousand of international students come the UK to take part in further education. Many of these students pay 10’s of thousands in expensive tuition fees which pumps millions into the local economy. A large percentage of foreign students come from India and also Malaysia and China.

Visas – Getting a Visa to enter the United Kingdom is not always easy and the rules are often changing. Please make sure you have gone to the Home Office’s website and informed yourself about all the rules and regulations. If you need help sorting out a short term or long term visa then contact the legal team at ISH.


Where. Where is best to go visit in the UK? That would depend on who you ask. Although the majority of people go to London which is the economic hub of the country and where all the best paying jobs are.

Culture – Britain is probably the most multicultural country in Europe with people from every part of the world who have chosen to live here. Weather – Let’s be completely honest, Britain has awful weather. Although when there is sunny day it makes it all that more special.

Language – Not many people know this outside the UK. The welsh have their own language and they are quite proud of it!

Teaching English in Costa Rica

From all beautiful parts of South and Central America I’ve seen – Costa Rica is by far the most beautiful in every way. It’s people are warm and inviting, it’s culture exiting and vibrant. There is just something about this place that makes you never want to leave.


One of the best ways for an ‘extranjero’  is to stay and work in Costa Rica is to teach English, either by private lessons or officially in a university. Ok, the money is not great, but if you  are in your 20’s it is an experience that you will carry for the rest of your life.

If you have the cash, but have a shorter amount of time, it is better to just study 2 – 3 months in one of the many language academies out there.

Iped Language Plus Facebook – My favorite language academy in the whole of Central America! The owners are pretty cool and will take your trips to all kinds of great locations.

Costa Rica Spanish school review  - Guide on what to do prepare yourself for you adventure!

Teaching English in China

It is near the end of 2014 and wow what a year it has been. I’ve just spent the entire year as a teach in China. This has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life, something I will take with me forever. This event lead up to me deciding to go to Costa Rica.